Drinking Fluxx

Drinking Fluxx

What Happened to Drinking Fluxx?

At Fully Baked Ideas we’re all about grown-ups having fun, after all we publish adult-themed games. Our wildly popular Fluxx game engine is the quintessential beer and pretzels game, which led us to start developing an obvious new edition: Drinking Fluxx.

Andy designed the game, Derek Ring illustrated it, and many of our friends and fans helped us playtest this awesome new edition of Fluxx. We started to prepare marketing materials and discuss our plans with our supply chain - and - then we put the cork back into the bottle and the bottle back onto the shelf and decided NOT to publish this game.

Drinking games have been around for generations and Fully Baked Ideas was excited to add something new to the mix. However, as we started to announce our plans, we started to receive intense concerns from trusted advisers about publishing this game, particularly at this time. We did more research, and learned that over the past few years, the media has been giving a lot of attention to underage drinking, binge drinking on college campuses, and drunk driving – all of which gave us pause about the release of this game. The nightmare scenario this could lead to is that someone drinks themselves to death during an evening in which, at some point, they played Drinking Fluxx. We're a small company (though we have big ideas) and we simply could not handle the downsides, from lawsuits to bad press.

Drinking FluxxWe know from years of events, active online forums, and fan mail that our fans are smart and responsible, but many of our fans are also college students, and the last thing we want to do is to encourage binge drinking on college campuses or anywhere else.

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