19 Reasons I Support Legalization

By Andrew Looney
October 28th, 2010

In honor of the upcoming vote on Prop 19 in California, I've prepared a list of 19 reasons I'm opposed to marijuana prohibition. How many of these do you share?

  1. I am a productive and otherwise totally law-abiding citizen who enjoys the effects of marijuana and who is tired of hiding behavior that should not be treated as a crime.

  2. I have a close family member who suffers from severe chronic pain and I have personally observed the amazing and singular relief they get from medical marijuana.

  3. I have many friends who smoke pot and I don't want them to go to jail.

  4. I have visited the coffeeshops of Amsterdam and found them to be wonderful. I wish I could patronize such establishments in my own city.

  5. I'm a fiscal conservative who abhors the wasted billions our government is stealing from the taxpayers every year in their hopeless attempt to destroy a thriving black market by building more prisons and putting more people behind bars.

  6. I'm an anti-authoritarian who opposes the use of police force to stop individuals from engaging in potentially self-destructive behavior, and would rather see law enforcement assets used in pursuit of actual criminals.

  7. I'm a tax-and-spend liberal who would prefer to see drugs sold by legitimate businesses which are taxed, and thus become helpful to schools and homeless shelters, instead of knowing those sales are a profit only to those willing to break the law.

  8. I'm a pragmatist who realizes that marijuana is less harmful than tobacco and less destructive than alcohol, and that legalization would allow the public to choose a less dangerous recreational drug.

  9. I'm an historian who realizes that the War on Drugs is just Prohibition all over again and that it's inevitable it be struck down for all the same reasons.

  10. I'm an environmentalist who'd rather be using toilet paper made from industrial hemp than from trees.

  11. I have a scientific curiosity about the true medical potential of cannabis, research into which is being systematically held back by the drug war.

  12. I have Christian beliefs in the healing power of forgiveness, the importance of turning the other cheek, and the need to love thy neighbor. I believe Jesus would disapprove of imprisoning drug users.

  13. I am on a spiritual journey during which I have learned that psychedelic drugs have been used as a sacrament in many religions, and I have personally found that cannabis enhances my own spirituality.

  14. I am an artist who has found marijuana helpful in bringing about inspiration and enhancing creativity.

  15. I am a game designer who understands how much damage a bad rule can do to a system of laws, and realizes that prohibition is a bad rule which needs to be removed from the lawbooks.

  16. I am a visionary entrepreneur who dreams of starting up a weed business someday, after legalization suddenly creates a totally new industry.

  17. I'm a concerned citizen who's read our Constitution, and see within it nothing that can justify the prohibition of any intoxicating substances. I believe the drug war is an unconstitutional abuse of power.

  18. I'm a peace-loving hippie who opposes all stupid wars.

  19. I'm a freedom-loving American and the war on drugs is an insult to freedom.