Amsterdam Coffeeshops


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Ever wonder what it’s like in those “coffeeshops” in Amsterdam where it’s legal to buy and use marijuana? This book will take you on an armchair journey into dozens of these establishments. Game designer Andy Looney has been exploring the coffeeshop scene during numerous trips to this charming little city over the course of the past twenty years. Andy will show you around his favorite spots, sharing stories from his adventures and his impressions of the city.

Amsterdam Coffeeshops is full of gorgeous photos of some of Andy's favorite places in Amsterdam and some of the most wondrous things in those places. Featuring 176 pages and over 300 photos (some full page), Amsterdam Coffeeshops is a personal tour with your very own tour guide and game designer pal: Andy Looney.

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The book was funded on Kickstarter in April 2017, extra copies are available for sale: Buy Amsterdam Coffeeshops

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